Revolutionize Your Chiropractic Practice with Chirotouch & Waud Capital

The chiropractic industry is set for a significant transformation following the recent partnership between Chirotouch, a leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) provider, and Waud Capital, a growth-focused private equity firm. This partnership, which was officially announced, aims to redefine chiropractic practice through technological innovation and expansion.

Tectonic Shift in Chiropractic Industry

An unprecedented strategic alliance has been forged between Chirotouch and Waud Capital. Chirotouch is a trusted name in chiropractic software solutions, delivering reliable and intuitive EHR systems curated for chiropractors since its establishment. Waud Capital has an impressive history of nurturing portfolio companies into industry leaders, ensuring operational efficiency, increased market share, and escalated revenue growth – a reason to be optimistic about this partnership.

The Notable Figures in this Collaboration

Instrumental players will facilitate the success of this partnership, combining their expertise, business acumen, and industry insights.

  • R. Steven Johns brings his valuable experience as a healthcare technology expert, which includes a successful stint as CEO of Surgical Information Systems, another portfolio company of Waud Capital.
  • George Ahn, a notable name with a proven leadership record, joins as a board member following his influential roles at companies like IBM and PeopleSoft.
  • Another significant addition to the board is Kyle Wailes, a professional with over two decades of experience in fostering growth strategies in healthcare portfolio companies under Waud Capital’s roof.

Anticipated Transformations in Chiropractic Practice

The collaboration between Waud Capital and Chirotouch holds groundbreaking potential for the chiropractic industry. Through strategic growth plans, access to capital, and a shared vision, clinical practice is expected to be redefined by harnessing technology.

Fostering Technological Improvements

The partnership will strive to enhance the existing EHR system functionalities offered by Chirotouch, focusing on streamlining workflow and increasing operational efficiency for chiropractic practitioners and their staff. Further emphasis will be placed on software integration, allowing clinics to automate their processes and manage patient information effortlessly.

Increasing Accessibility and Affordability

One of the significant objectives of this partnership is to make innovative chiropractic solutions more affordable and accessible. By doing so, the duo plans to expand market coverage, extending their EHR systems to a broader spectrum of chiropractic practices, including solo, group, multispecialty clinics, and health centers.

Growth Strategies and Expansion Plans

Waud Capital’s input is anticipated to deliver an impressive strategic growth trajectory for Chirotouch. The private equity firm’s expertise in scaling healthcare technology companies will be leveraged to implement growth strategies that expand Chirotouch’s presence across the chiropractic market.

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